Zambia Flag

Zambia Flag

The Zambia flag was adopted and hoisted on 23rd October, 1964 at midnight for the first time ever. It is a symbol of patriotism as well as the wealthy resources that are found in Zambia. The flag itself is green in color and has a rectangular block made of three vertical stripes. The three vertical stripes have different colors namely red, black and orange, from left to right. Above this rectangular block of stripes, there is an image of a golden eagle.

Zambia’s flag colors and eagle is highly reflective of the country’s geography as well as celebrating the independence the country enjoys. The different colors of the flag are also symbolic. The green color, which is the dominant color of the base of the flag, signifies Zambia’s agricultural land that is both rich and fertile. It is also symbolic of the great produce it generates and the importance the Zambian people give to their natural wonders that their country is blessed with.

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The vertical stripes found on the lower right hand corner of the flag have different colors that represent the country’s different facets of life and its history. The red colored column is a symbol of the Zambia’s struggle to attain its freedom and independence. The red color in particular symbolizes the devastation and bloodshed that was witnessed in the struggle to attain independence. The black column that is in the middle of the three vertical stripes serves as a reminder of the people of Zambia who are black-skinned. The orange column on the other hand stands for Zambia’s natural resources and the mineral wealth the country is blessed with, copper in particular. The orange eagle atop the three columns shows the ability of the people to rise over any problems that their country could be facing. It is also a symbol of the freedom of Zambia and is also found on Zambia’s coat of arms.

The Zambia flag was designed by a Zambian artist, Gabriel Ellison, who also designed the coat of arms and other emblems that are used for official purposes. It was adopted officially on October 24, 1964. Ever since then it maintained its colors but in the year 1996, it was modified slightly. The flag had its shade of green color replaced with a color green that is brighter and lighter. The eagle on the flag was also altered slightly to resemble the eagle used in Zambia’s coat of arms. The Zambian flag ought to be flown between the sunrise and sunset hours only. It is also flown on premises owned or occupied by the Government bodies and statutory authorities.