Ukraine Flag

Ukraine Flag

The Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe and is the largest European country, by land mass, that is totally within the continent. This Ukraine has been ruled by many other countries throughout history, as wellas having two brief periods of independence in the 1900s. In 1991, the Ukraine gained its independence as the Soviet Union dissolved and today it still enjoys that freedom The flag of the Ukraine has also changed many times, depending on the ruler of the country at the time.

The current flag of the Ukraine is a simple one. It is a rectangular flag, divided in half horizontally, with the top half blue, and the bottom half yellow. The colors may signify the ancient elements of fire (yellow) and water (blue). Another theory says that the blue is the blue sky over the yellow fields of wheat in the country. The blue and yellow colors have had some controvery attached to them by some over the years. Some people say that the flag is yellow and blue, denoting that the yellow would be on top while the flag is really blue and yellow. The controversy remains to some native people.

The current Ukraine flag may have originated in 1848 when a similar flag, yellow on top and blue on the bottom, was actually flown for the Spring of Nations. The current blue and yellow flag of the Ukraine was first officially flown in 1917. It was a short lived independence though, because the Ukrainian Peoples Republic of Soviets took over around 1918. The flag was then changed to a red flag, with a small copy of the blue and yellow flag in the upper left corner. The flag changed designs several more times over the next decades. It became a completely red flag, then a several renditions of a red flag with the letters yellow Y.C.C.P. in various fonts. In 1949, the flag was red on the top two thirds, a blue stripe across the bottom third, and a yellow star, hammer and sickle, the symbols of communist Soviets, in the top left corner of the red section.

The collapse of the Soviet Union saw independence in the Ukraine. On August 24, 1991, the Ukraine declared independence and on September 4, 1991, the country flew the blue and yellow flag over its Parliament for the first time in recent history. This flag has remained the flag of the Ukraine.

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The Ukraine and its flag have undergone many changes over the years. The country has dealt with different rulers and has had to change its flag accordingly. The large population of the Ukraine is proud of their country and their flag. Today, the Ukraine flies its blue and yellow flag proudly.