Flag of Tokelau

Tokelau Flag

Tokelau Flag

Every country has something they take pride in. In many instances the things the country gives much value tends to be included in the national flag. This has also been the case for Tokelau. Their national flag was approved in 2008. The symbols it holds is an amazing depiction of what the country holds close to the heart. Previously, the country was using the coat of arms of New Zealand plus the New Zealand flag. Designing their own is a sign of independence as they start creating a national brand with the flag. Read below to discover the history and design of the Tokelau Flag and how it inspires the citizens in their daily life.

First, it has been made up of three colors including white, yellow and blue. They are well combined to make a concrete meaning keeping the people in unity, prosperity and peace. It is designed to show a canoe on full sail. The canoe is a clear symbol of the journey to find a better government for the people of Tokelau. The journey is towards Southern Cross and this marks a great icon to the people of this country for it has helped them in their fishing expedition. The white starts represent the Christian faith of the citizens. It is also a symbol of cooperation and unity the people of this country expressed in the daily activities. People also desire to create a harmonious and secure place for living when they remember the white color.

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The yellow color tells of the happy life everybody should enjoy. The peace in the community is also expressed through the yellow color to mean everyone should be secure and protected. For the blue color, it symbolizes the ocean where the people draw their livelihood. It is also the color of the sky where the people will see the stars and thus find direction.

The designing process has been carried out for years. It was until 2007 when different designers came up to compete for the final draft to be used as the new flag for the nation. The final version was approved by the Tokelau General Fono. The General approved the winning design thus creating a new start for the nation on February 2008. In line with the terms and conditions of the common wealth, it was given the Royal License. This was done on August 2009 by Her Majesty the Queen. It was later presented in Government House on 7th September by Governor General, Hon Sir Anand Satyanand.