Syria flag

Syria Flag

Syria Flag

Syria, officially known as the Syrian Arab Republic, is a country located in the western part of Asia. It is a diverse country with mountains, desserts, and some fertile plains. The country gained its independence from the French in 1945, after World War II, and became a founding member of the United Nations. It is the largest Arab nation to emerge from the former Ottoman rule.

The current Syrian flag was adopted in 1958 but abandoned in 1961, when it broke ties with Egypt. The flag was, however, readopted in 1980 and is currently the flag that is used. The flag was readopted to show Syria’s commitment to Arab unity. The flag of Syria is divided in thirds horizontally. The top third of the flag is red, the middle section is white, and the bottom third is black. In the middle, white section, are two green , five pointed stars. The red on the flag represents the county’s bloody struggle for freedom, while the white represents its future hope of peace. The black represents oppression. The two green stars signify Syria and Egypt, the two members of the short lived United Arab Republic. Another theory states that the colors on the flag represent the four dynasties that ruled the region thoughout history. And, yet one more interpretation of the chosen colors is that they are Arab colors, seen on many flags of Arab countries.

The Syrian National Coalition, however, has a different flag for the Syrian Interim Government, which is hoping to overthrow the current government. This separate national flag, which was readopted from a previous national flag, was first flown regularly in 2012. This flag is also divided in thirds but it’s colors are green, white and black, with the green on top and the black on the bottom. There are three, red stars in the middle section. This Syria flag is mainly flown in areas controlled by the Syrian National Coalition. It was first flown to show the opposition to the current government. This flag is a modified version of the independence flag first flown in 1932 when Syria first gained its independence from France.

In all, the two flags are similar but different. They are flown for the two battling governments which hope to contol the Syrian nation. At this time, the Syrian National Coalition is losing the battle to the Syrian Arab Republic which holds control of the nation. The red, white, and black flag is the dominant flag of Syria.