Singapore flag

Singapore Flag

Singapore Flag

The national flag of Singapore was unveiled on the 3rd day of December 1959 during the inauguration of Yang di-Pertuan Negara. The national flag was created in order to represent the country of Singapore when it became a self-governing state under the British rule. The flag was officially adopted as the official flag of Singapore on the 9th August 1965. The flag itself involves a horizontal-lying bicolor of red on top of white. There is also a crescent moon, on the upper left section of the red section, that is white in color and it faces a pentagon that consists of five white pointed stars that are a bit smaller. The elements on this flag are aimed at denoting the young nation of Singapore on the up, equality, national ideals and universal brotherhood.

Each of these colors and symbols found on the national flag of Singapore have some meaning as well as significance attached on them. The red color symbolizes the equality and universal brotherhood of men. The white color represents everlasting virtue and purity and pervading. These two colors signify the country’s goal at achieving equality and brotherhood through virtue and purity. The crescent moon’s significance is that Singapore is a young nation on the rise. The five pointed small stars near the crescent represent the ideals of Singapore that are; peace, democracy, progress, equality and justice.

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History has it that after the attainment of self-governance in Singapore, its Legislative Assembly deemed it right that the country ought to have its loyalty and authority symbols. A national flag was thus necessary in order for Singaporeans to have an identity and allow the ideals and hopes of people to be expressed in a symbolic way.

The Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew, tasked a committee that was led by someone known as “Toh” to start creating the national flag of Singapore. The designing only took two months and was hugely influenced by the flag colors and the national emblem which would act as symbols of some beliefs held by the new self-governing state.

When the flag was being created, the Toh led committee had other alternative flag designs and they went on to prototype them. They were all blue flags and another that had a blue and white color. The legislative opted for the red and white flag in the end. The color red was chosen by Tor for its great association with happiness and prosperity. The new national flag replaced the Union Jack that had been flying in Singapore for over 140 years.