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Saint Martin Flag

Saint Martin Flag

The island of St. Martin is split into two territories, with one half owned by France and the other owned by the Netherlands. The French territory is part of the Guadalupe overseas department and thus its official flag is the French tricolore, which consists of three vertical bands of blue, white and red. The Netherlands portion of the island is also known as Sint Maarten and its flag was adopted in 1985. The flag is similar to the Netherlands flag with its red, white and blue colors. The flag consists of horizontal bands and a triangle in the left section with the point facing in. The top band is red, the bottom blue, and the triangle is white. In the center of the triangle is the coat of arms.

The coat of arms of Sint Maarten is a shield with a banner below and a rising sun above. The rising sun is gold and has a brown pelican in flight over it. The brown pelican is the island’s national bird. The shield is bordered in red and has a sky blue background. In the center of the shield is a courthouse in white. To the left of the courthouse is orange-yellow sage and to the right is the border monument in white. Below the shield is a yellow banner with the island’s motto written on it. The motto is Semper Pro Grediens.

The Saint Martin portion of the island has its own coat of arms, which is a shield depicting a shore scene with a tall ship in the background and a white pelican standing on the shore in the foreground. On the left side is the fronds of a palm tree and a sun in the sky. The top band of the shield is in black and reads Collectivité de Saint Martin in gold.

There is also an unofficial flag of France’s Saint Martin. The flag is an unusual one with two blue four-sided shapes on the left and right, leaving a small amount of white between them and then mostly white on top. In the center is an upside down red triangle with a golden half disk above it.

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