Flag of Oman

Oman Flag

Oman Flag

The country of Oman is a productive country in the Middle East that has many different markets to offer the world. The country of Oman is located on the Arabian Peninsula along the coastlines of the Arabian Sea, Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. The capital city of Muscat has multiple beautiful locations and is home to one of the busiest fish markets in the area. The national flag of Oman was formerly adopted 20 years ago in 1995. It was at the time the flag was adopted that the red stripe in the center was widened.

The national flag of Oman has significant meaning in all its stripes. The red color on the Oman flag was inspired by the Kharijite Muslims. The white stripe on the flag represents peace. Oman is a relatively peaceful country and has never been involved in any recent wars. The people of Oman are very calm and tend to remain neutral.

The green stripe in the flag represents the fertility of the country. The country of Oman has very fertile soil and as a result it has a thriving agriculture. It also, has a very successful fish market because it’s availability to so many different water sources.

The red area of the flag are very common on national flags in the surrounding areas. But in the case of the people of Oman the red symbolizes the struggle the people of Oman overcame in its search for independence. The flag of Oman was originally entirely red but once the government that was in control of Oman was overthrown the green stripes were added.

The national emblem of the country of Oman was placed in the upper left corner of the flag. The national emblem of the country is the Khanjar dagger, the dagger and its sheath are combined and then there are two swords that cross over that in the upper left corner of the flag.