Flag of Mozambique

Mozambique Flag

Mozambique Flag

The flag of Mozambique is constructed of three horizontal bands and a triangle at the hoist area with the point facing in. The top band is green, the middle band is black bordered by thinner white bands and the bottom band is yellow. The triangle is red and contains a crossed hoe and AK-47 with a bayonet attached. Beneath these is a yellow five-pointed star and an open book. This is the only flag in the world to feature such a modern weapon as the AK-47. The flag was officially adopted in May of 1983.

The star is a symbol of Marxism, while the open book represents education. The red stands for struggle, while the hoe symbolizes agriculture and the AK-47 stands for defense. On the other side of the flag, the green represents the land, the black its people, the white for peace and the yellow represents mineral riches. The flag was put into place by the ruling party of Mozambique, which is FRELIMO, also known as the Mozambican Liberation Front. In 2005, an attempt was made to get a less partisan flag put up and a contest was held for that purpose. There were 119 entries and a winning one was chosen, however, the flag remains the same. Another attempt was made to at least get the AK-47 removed from the current flag, but that was also rejected.

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Mozambique has had a number of previous flags, with the most recent being between 1975 and 1983. This flag had the same colors as the current flag, but each color was streaming down in diagonal bands similar to Japan’s military rising sun flag. In the upper left corner was the emblem of the AK-47 and hoe, but without the five-pointed star. For a year in 1974, the flag was like the current flag, except without any emblem at all. Previous to that was the flag of Portuguese Mozambique. This flag was vertically green and red with the red portion on the right being slightly larger than the green portion. Offset in the center, but leaning left was a circular gold emblem with a shield in the middle. The shield had a white interior with five smaller shields in a cross design. The rest of the shield was red with seven gold buildings.