Flag of Morocco

Morocco Flag

Morocco Flag

The flag of Morocco, a North African country, was raised on November 17, 1915, and has remained unchanged since then. The Moroccan flag features a black-bordered green pentagram, which is set in the middle of a deep red field. The green pentagram was added when Mulay Yusuf came to rule over Morocco in 1915.

The pentagram on the flag is a five-pointed star created with five straight, intersecting lines, outlined in black. The five-pointed star is commonly referred to as the Star of Solomon. The five-pointed star has long been associated with religions. The Star of Solomon was said to be used on the Moroccan flag to set it apart from other Islamic nations which used similar flags.

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There have been variations of the star used on former Moroccan flags. A few years before the current flag was adopted, the green star had six points, instead of five. Other former flags displayed a gold colored, eight-pointed star. This was used by both the Marinid dynasty and by the Saadi dynasty.

The color red has special meaning to Moroccans. This color remained the same despite any changes with the star over the years. The red in the flag is used to represent royalty in their history, such as the Alaouite family,during the seventeenth century. It also represents their belief that they are descendants of the Prophet Muhammad. The color red has always been used for Moroccan flags, even during the reign of the Alaouite Dynasty.

There is other symbolism for the colors for this flag, as well. The color red for the Morocco flag symbolizes bravery, strength, force, love and hope, among other things. The color green in general has symbolism in the Muslim faith, as well, and is often associated with religion.

The original design of the Moroccan flag continued to be used even during times of French and Spanish occupation. During these times, Morocco stayed with the original flag design, although it’s use was restricted. There were some areas of land where it was not allowed, and it was restricted at sea. When Morocco gained it’s independence in 1956, they stayed with the original flag design.