Flag of Montserrat

Montserrat Flag

Montserrat Flag

Montserrat is an island in the Caribbean Sea in the Leewald Islands. From 1871 to 1958, Montserrat was an island in the British Leewald Islands and a Crown Colony. Then from 1958 to 1962 it was part of the West Indies Province. Currently, beginning in 1962, it is a territory that is dependent on the United Kingdom. The flag of Montserrat, therefor, reflects its status. The flag has a ratio of 1:2. The Montserrat flag was officially adopted in 1962.

The Montserrat flag is deep blue in color for the background. In the upper left hand corner of the flag is the flag of the United Kingdom, or, as it is more commonly called the Union Jack. It consists of a diagonal red cross with a regular cross laid over it. Surrounding the red is a band of white. The other feature of the Montserrat flag is that in the center of the right half of the flag is the country’s coat of arms. The coat of arms consists of a woman in a green dress with her left arm wrapped around a black cross in a hug. Her right arm grasps a yellow harp.

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The Union Jack is made up of a series of crosses. The red diagonal cross is St. Patrick’s Cross of Ireland. The white cross that encompasses it is the red diagonal is St. Andrew’s Cross of Scotland. The red cross that overlays these two crosses is St. George’s Cross of England.

The blue in the background of the Montserrat flag represents trustworthiness, awareness, determination, and righteousness. The Montserrat Coat of Arms greatly predates the flag. It was adopted in 1909. The Coat of Arms that sits in the right center of the flag shows the heritage the Montserrat people have in Ireland. The woman in the Montserrat Coat of Arms is representative of Erin. Erin is the symbol of independence in Ireland. This is most likely because most of the immigrants to Montserrat came from Ireland in the seventeenth century. Many residences still use Irish dialect. The black cross represents the country’s leading religion of Christianity. The woman and harp are also representative of the country’s Irish heritage.

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