Flag of Mongolia

Mongolia Flag

Mongolia Flag

The flag of Mongolia is a striking and meaningful design that symbolizes the characteristics of the nation and its people.

The current Mongolian flag, adopted in 1992 following Mongolia’s transition from Socialism to democracy, features three equal vertical bands of color, with blue in the center and red on either side. The national emblem, the Soyombo, is shown in yellow over the red stripe on the left.

Blue is a traditional Mongolian color with strong Buddhist associations and in the flag it represents the sky. The red bands, once used to represent Socialism, are currently interpreted as representing prosperity and progress and the Mongolian people’s ability to thrive in their nation’s harsh climate.

The Soyombo symbol is actually a collection of elements arranged vertically. The topmost element shows three tongues of fire, which represent wealth, growth, and success in the past, present, and future.

Directly beneath the fire element are the ancient symbols of the sun and moon, which date back to Xiongnu confederation of the late 3rd century BC and mean that Mongolia will continue to exist for eternity.

Below the moon symbol the Soyombo features a downward-pointing triangle that is repeated at the very bottom of the emblem. The triangles stand for arrow or spear points and the point-down placement illustrates the defeat of Mongolia’s enemies, both internal and external.

Adjacent to the triangles are two horizontal rectangles that symbolize the honesty and justice of the people of Mongolia, and between them there is a Buddhist yin/yang symbol that’s now seen as representing the complementary opposite forces existing together in the universe, such as man and woman or fire and water. During the Socialist years this element was interpreted as two fish that never close their eyes, representing watchfulness and vigilance.

The strong vertical rectangles on either side of the Soyombo represent powerful pillars symbolizing strength, hardness, and resolve.

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The Soyombo symbol has appeared on the national Flag of Mongolia since 1911, though it was removed for three years starting in 1921. In 1924 it was adopted as the official symbol of the Mongolian People’s Republic by the first People’s Great Khural and has been used on the flag ever since. It also appears on the nation’s coat of arms and is seen on official documents and Mongolian Armed Forces vehicles.