Flag of Mexico

Mexico Flag

Mexico Flag

The Mexican national flag of today was adopted in 1968. The colors of the flag are red, white and green. These colors were strategically chosen to represent the country as a whole. Although the meanings of the flag have been modified throughout the years, the country seems to have found some common ground for the past few decades. It is important to recognize that the meaning of the colors were not enforced by law so they were subject to change at any time before 1984.

The colors of the flag are green, white, and red with the national coat of arms placed in the center. The coat of arms is an image of an eagle eating a serpent. It is a strong religious connotation, but most of all it symbolizes good over evil. The colors of the flag all have their own symbolic meaning. The green is for hope, the white is for unity, and red is for the blood shed by heroes.

The Imperial government of Mexico was the first to establish a national flag. In 1821, the government chose the colors green, white, and red with the national coat of arms. At this time the eagle was crowned, but by 1823 the first federal republic replaced the Imperial government and made a few changes to the flag.

In 1823, the second national flag retained the same colors, but the eagle’s crown was removed. A serpent was included in the center along with the eagle. The first federal republic also added a branch of oak and laurel branches to the flag.

The second Mexican Empire adopted the third national flag. It was very similar to the second national flag, but it added four additional eagles with crowns above their head at the corner of the flag.

The current national flag was adopted in 1968 and confirmed by law in 1984. The eagle was changed from a front facing position to a side facing position. The coat of arms located in the center of the flag represents the Aztec heritage. The Gods had advised the Aztecs to establish a city where they first saw an eagle. The Aztecs saw this eagle eating a serpent in modern day Mexico City

The Mexico flag is full of national symbolism. The flag was originally created in 1821, and adopted its modern form in 1968. It represents the Mexican Independence movement and its victory.