Flag of Kuwait

Kuwait Flag

Kuwait Flag

Kuwait is an oil rich country located at the tip of the Persian Gulf. It is bordered snuggly by Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Formerly known at the State of Kuwait, its wealth in oil is only matched by its rich history.

The official flag of Kuwait was adopted in 1961, following its independence from Britain. It features three bands of green, white and red; with a black trapezium on the hoisted side. These colors represent the colors of other Pan-Arab nations. To the country of Kuwait however, these colors have additional meaning which come from a poem written by Safie Al-Deen Al-Hali. The white represents the purity of its citizen’s deeds. Black refers to the many battles that they have fought. The fertility and vitality of the land is presented in the flag as the color green. Lastly, red signifies the blood on the swords of Kuwait’s warriors. The flag is to be hung with the green stripe on the top. The white stripe is in between the green and the black.

Prior to its independence in 1961, the flag of Kuwait was all red. Over the years, and different eras, this red has been adorned with a variety of words and symbols. Prior to World War One, it featured a crescent and star with the Arabic word for Kuwait in white. This changed from the sole red of the previous flag. At the start of the war however, ships of the United Kingdom accidentally attacked a Kuwait ship, thinking it to be from the Ottoman Empire. Afterwards the crescent and star were removed and the word Kuwait was enlarged and placed in the center. Between 1956 and 1961 the name was moved to the hoist side. Also, a white border was added along with the world shahadah. This signified their profession of the Muslim faith.

The Kuwait flag was featured on the world’s largest kite in 2005. The 1019 square meter flag was produced by a man in New Zealand. Surprisingly, it has not since been matched. The Emir, or ruler of Kuwait has the option of producing a personal standard. The current Emir does not exercise this right. Instead he utilizes the Kuwait national flag decorated with a golden fringe. However, in the past the Emir’s standard was a version of the national ensign with a small gold crown in the middle of the green stripe.