Flag of Jordan

Jordan Flag

Jordan Flag

The Jordanian national flag consists of three equally wide horizontal bands of color. The topmost band is black, the middle one white, and the lowermost one green.

A red isosceles triangle juts through the bands of colors, and has a small white 7 point star directly in its center. Each color of the flag represents ancient caliphates of the Arab world as well as historically significant events in Arab history.

The red triangle stands for the great Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire that occurred during the First World War. The conflict was started with the eventual goal of winning independence from the Ottoman Turk Empire and carving out a unified Arab state .

The black band represents the Abbasid Caliphate. This dynasty was the third of the Muslim caliphate, after the rule of the Prophet Muhammad. It descended from Muhammad’s Youngest uncle, Abbas al-Mutallib, from which the Caliphate takes its name.

The green band represents the Fatimid caliphate, and it is widely believed to be a color that was favored by not only the Prophet Mohammed, but also his daughter, Fatima. Green also has a historical connection to the Quran, being mentioned many times in connection with paradise.

The seven pointed star historically represented the seven districts of Syria which include Aleppo, Beirut, Damascus, Lebanon, Palestine, and Transjordan. As national identities have changed so have the interpretations of the star. It now stands for the 7 verses of a shura of the Quran which includes faith in one God, amenity, national spirit, humility, social justice, hurt you, and personal aspirations.

The white band on the Jordan flag represents the Umayyad Caliphate, which was the second of the four major Islamic caliphates that were founded after the death of Muhammad. The red Chevron also has significance in terms of the Hashemite dynasty, members of which are descended from the royal family of Hejaz.

As can be seen, the national flag of Jordan includes colors and symbols that celebrate a rich and even exiting Arab history. No wonder then that the people of that noble nation hold this national icon in such high regard.

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