El Salvador Flag

El Salvador Flag

El Salvador Flag

The History of the El Salvador Flag

To learn the history of the El Salvador Flag, it’s necessary to know some of the early history of this beautiful Central American country. First, the country name “El Salvador” means “Republic of the Savior.” This gives a general clue to the religiosity of this Spanish speaking country. Its earliest settlers were the Maya, Cuzcatlecs and Lenca. As Spanish explorers conquered the country, it became Spanish territory in the 16th century. El Salvadorians gained their independence from Spain in 1821. From 1822 to 1844, the El Salvador flag was designed with two cobalt blue stripes separated by a white stripe on a white field. This was the first flag of the newly independent nation of El Salvador, as part of the United Provinces of Central America. A second flag with lighter blue stripes was also part of the United Provinces of Central America during the years 1822 to 1844. It’s important to note that the flags of El Salvador were used either as state and war flags or as a civil flag. The first flags of El Salvador were inspired by the flags of Argentina and the United States.

The Design of El Salvador Flags

Since 1844, there have been other flags of El Salvador and the United Provinces of Central America. When the current flag was adopted in 1912, it was a return to the traditional cobalt blue stripes and single middle white stripe. The difference is the circular gold and white insignia in the center. This is the national coat of arms of El Salvador. The insignia is quite unique. It a wreath tied at the base with a blue ribbon, a triangle surrounded by blue and white flags and a banner that reads: “Dios Union Libertad” (God, Union, Liberty).

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El Salvador – One Nation’s Flag History

There was also a two-sided flag. The side with the coat of arms is mainly used by the government for official purposes or Salvadorian organizations. The reverse side had stars for each of the provinces of the El Salvador Republic. Today, there are three variant flags in use in El Salvador. The blue and white striped flag of 1912 with the centered insignia, the civil flag with solid blue and white stripes and the state and war flag which bear the blue and white stripes with the words “Dios Union Libertad” centered in the white stripe.