Clipperton Island flag

Clipperton Island Flag

Clipperton Island Flag

The Clipperton Island flag is officially the flag of France, which is known as the French Tricolour. Clipperton Island is an uninhabited island owned by France and located in the eastern Pacific Ocean. It is about 670 miles southwest of Mexico, 1,500 miles west of Nicaragua and 1,500 miles west of Costa Rica. It is considered an overseas minor territory of France and is overseen by the Minister of Overseas France. The island is not much more than a coral atoll with only small amounts of grass and coconut palms. It has never been regularly inhabited. The longest occupation was by the United States during World War Two.

The flag of France, which is also the official flag of Clipperton, is a vertical tricolor with blue, white and red bands going from left to right. It may be referred to as the French Tricolour or just the Tricolore in French. The flag was adopted first as an ensign in 1794, then as the flag of Napoleon’s army in 1812, then officially adopted as the national flag in 1830.

Blue and red are traditionally the colors that represent Paris. Blue is the color of Saint Martin and red is the color of Saint Denis. White has also traditionally been a color associated with the French. The colors also have a religious meaning with the blue and red representing the Virgin Mary. The three colors together can also stand for the clergy as white, the nobility as red and the bourgeoisie as blue. The two classes are necessarily separated by the white of the clergy, representing a superior order. Yet another meaning for the three colors are found in the motto of the revolution: liberté, égalité and fraternité. This stands for freedom as blue, equality as white and brotherhood as red. The French Government lists red and blue as the colors of Paris, while white represents the King.

Previous flags of France displayed the gold fleur de lis on white or blue backgrounds. This symbolism was directly associated with the House of Capet with the blue background, and also the House of Bourbon with the white background.