Anguilla Flag

Anguilla Flag

The Flag of Anguilla features the British flag in the canton, which makes sense considering that the country is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom. The general design of the flag mirrors that of the Blue Ensign, which is a plain blue flag with a Union Jack in the canton that’s used to denote ocean-going vessels registered in the UK.

The fly area of the flag is charged with Anguilla’s coat of arms. This emblem is made up of three dolphins. The dolphins represent friendship, wisdom and strength.

The current national flag was adopted in 1990. It’s used both on land and at sea. Only vessels owned by the Government of Anguilla fly the flag. Civilian vessels are expected to fly a red British ensign flag.

History of the Design

The Crown Colony of Saint Christopher, Nevis and Anguilla used a basic tricolor flag charged with a black palm tree. The palm tree had three fronds, which represented the three different regions that made up the territory.

american pride

Activists declared Anguilla independent of the colony in 1967, and they quickly adopted a flag that featured a white and blue striped design. The flag also featured the three golden dolphins that are present on the modern flag.

This flag is no longer officially used, but its design was incorporated into the coat of arms that’s in the fly of the modern flag. Nevertheless, it’s still very popular with a number of people on the island.

Another flag with a pair of mermaids and the name of the country written out in large letters was used at one point in Anguilla’s history, but no aspects of this design made it into the modern flag’s look. A company in California made the only physical copies of this flag that ever existed. They were moved to the Caribbean territory from a factory in the US before being replaced with later flags.

Use by the Governor of Anguilla

As with all British overseas territories, Anguilla has a staff of assigned officers who enforce British laws. The Governor of Anguilla has permission to modify the national flag in order to bring attention to official business.

The current Standard of the Governor of Anguilla consists of a Union Jack that has a crown made of leaves charged in the center of it. The Anguilla coat of arms consisting of the blue stripes with three dolphins above it is placed inside of this crown when flown from any building or vehicle belonging to the office.