Flag of Togo

Togo Flag

Togo Flag

Prior to obtaining their independence in 1960, Togo was known as Togoland. After the end of World War II, Togoland was divided into two separate nations, Britain and France. The portion that was administered by Britain would later vote to join the nation of Ghana. French Togoland had two separate flags between 1957 and its independence in 1960.

The first Togo flag was solid green with two white stars. One star sat in the bottom left hand corner, while the other was situated in the top right corner. In the top left corner, there was a small version of the French national flag, three vertical stripes of red, white, and blue. This flag lasted from 1957-1958. In 1958, the smaller version of the French national flag was removed from the flag and French Togoland was just known as Togo.

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In 1960, Togo declared its independence from France and became its own nation. On April 28, 1960, the new national flag was adopted. It was designed by Paul Ahyi and has almost the same dimensions as the golden rectangle. The flag seems to have drawn inspiration from both the flag of Liberia and the United States flag. It draws on the colors of Pan-Africa green, yellow, and red.

The Togo flag consists of five horizontal stripes in alternating colors. The top, middle, and bottom stripe are all green. The green represents not only the agriculture of the country, but also the hope and fertility of the country. The second and fourth stripes are both yellow. The yellow symbolizes the mineral wealth and faith in the country’s future. In the upper left hand corner, there is a large red square that encompasses three of the horizontal stripes. The red is representative of blood that was shed by the martyrs, who fought internally for the freedom of Togo. It also symbolizes the loyalty of the people and their patriotism toward their country. In the center of the red square, sits a five pointed white star. The white star is the star of hope. It represents the hope of the peace, life, and dignity that its people hope for, as well as, Togo’s quest for independence.