Flag of Paraguay

Paraguay Flag

Paraguay Flag

Paraguay’s current flag was officially adopted for the first time in 1842, and revised in 2013. The colors of the flag are red, white and blue, with a triband design. Most historians agree that the colors selected for the flag were inspired by those of the flag of France and symbolize liberty and independence. Each side of the flag has three horizontal bands that are equal in length. However, the flag has an unusual feature, which is two distinctly different emblems on its reverse and obverse sides. The obverse side of the flag features the nation’s coat of arms, while the reverse side showcases the country’s treasury seal. This unique characteristic was added in the 1800s and revised in 2013.

The flag’s emblems are located in the center of the white bands on each side. The Paraguay coat of arms is on the first side. It features a green wreath of olive and palm leaves tied with red, white and blue ribbons. In the center of this design is a yellow, five pointed star captioned with the words “Republic of Paraguay” and two concentric circles surround the design. The coat of arms is said to symbolize Paraguay’s freedom and independence, with the olive and palm leaves a sign of peace among Paraguay citizens.

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The reverse side emblem, the Paraguay treasury seal, features a bright yellow lion below a bold, red Phrygian cap. This striking and beautiful emblem sits atop a pole that represents justice and peace, words that are embossed on top of this side of the flag in black letters. The differences in the reverse and obverse sides of the Paraguay flag originated when José de Francia ruled the country, from 1814 to 1840. The flag was revised in 2013, and the coat of arms was redesigned and simplified to bring it closer to the original design, which was changed during José de Francia’s rule. Francia had decided a more intricate pattern was necessary. With its beautiful colors and unique features, the Paraguay flag is something of which citizens of the country can be proud for decades to come.