Flag of Pakistan

Pakistan Flag

Pakistan Flag

The Pakistan flag, also known as the Flag of the Crescent and Star, is a source of pride for the Pakistani people and a symbol of their rich cultural and religious heritage. It is flown over every public building and represents the country in foreign and domestic affairs. While it may seem like a simple design, the Pakistan Flag is one that is rich in symbolism and history.
The Pakistan flag consists of a dark green field with a wide white stripe running down its hoist side. In the center of the field are a white crescent moon and star that give the flag is alternate name. This flag can trace its design roots through many centuries of local history, all the way back to the flags of the Ottoman and Mughal Empires.

The current design was adopted just after the Second World War in 1947, just four days before the country’s official independence. The Constituent Assembly met and decided on the design on April 11th of that year, and after serving as the flag of the Dominion of Pakistan for several decades, it was also adopted by the current Islamic Republic of Pakistan which still flies the flag today.
At the time of the flag’s design, Muslims and Hindus were living together under the rule of the British Raj before World War II. During this time, a group of Muslims united to form the India Muslim League, and it was their flag that served as the basis of the current Pakistan flag. The Muslim League had designed their flag with influences from the Sultanate of Delhi, as well as the flags of the Ottoman Empire and Mughal Empire. Thus, the current flag reflects all of these groups that once held sway and gave so much of their culture and history to current day Pakistan.

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The color green commonly represents Islam, and is reported to be the favorite color of the prophet Muhammad, as well as of his daughter Fatima. The crescent design symbolizes progress while the star represents light, and both together are common symbols for the Islamic religion as a whole. The Constituent Assembly which designed the flag also included the vertical white strip on the flag’s hoist side to represent other religious minorities among their people. Thus the Pakistan flag altogether represents Pakistan’s ongoing commitment to the rights of Muslims and all religious minority groups within the country.