Flag of Norway

Norway Flag

Norway Flag

The flag of Norway was officially adapted on 17th July 1821 and is considered as one of the world’s many flags that have a rich history. Fredrick Meltzer, a member of parliament, is credited as the person who designed the national flag of Norway. Originally this flag was described to have had a lion that was golden with a crown as well as an axe on a background that was red in color. History has it that this particular flag was phased out in the 17th and 18th centuries. The flag that is used presently as the Royal Standard was Norway’s original flag.

In the 16th Century and up to the year 1841, Norway used the flag of Denmark as its national flag. This was to represent the union both these countries enjoyed. In 1814 however, Norway attempted to gain its own independence and adopted the Danish flag and went ahead to incorporate the Norwegian Lion on the flag’s upper square. This particular flag was used as both a state ans well as a war flag until the year 1815 when it was then used as a merchant flag. The flag was used by Norway until the year 1821 as it was during this year that the then parliamentary member for Storting, Fredrick Meltzer, was able to finally design a distinctive Norwegian flag. Even though the Norwegian flag was already in use since the year 1821, it was hoisted officially in the year 1899. This was due to the King’s refusal to append his signature on the flag law

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Norway’s official national flag is composed of three colors; these are bright red, dark blue and white. The choices of these three colors were as a result of French Tricolore influence, also known as a liberty sign. The national Norwegian flag is also heavily influenced by the United Kingdom as well as the United States’ national flags. The dark blue color on the flag of Norway was designed in the form of a cross and its borders were designed in white. This dark blue cross which is also referred to as the cross of Sweden and its white-colored borders were then designed on a background that has a bright red color. The national flag of Norway is normally hoisted at important events and functions and it is a source of inspiration for the people of Norway.