Flag of Honduras

Honduras Flag

Honduras Flag

The flag of Honduras is sectioned into three horizontal stripes of equal thickness. The top and bottom stripes are blue, while the center stripe is white. On the field of white are five five-pointed stars arranged in an ‘X’ pattern. The blue represents the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, while the stars stand for the original five provinces of Central America and the desire for the provinces to once again form a union. The provinces of Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Honduras are currently operating as separate countries. The white field represents peace, prosperity and the land that lies between the two bodies of water.

The original flag of Honduras was adopted in 1823 and did not include the stars. This more simple design mirrored that of the Federal Republic of Central America, which existed from 1821 to 1840. The Honduran flag was amended in 1866 to include the stars and show Honduras’ desire to one day form a brotherhood with other Central American countries. This flag design is one of the oldest in the world and has remained unchanged since the 1866 amendment. The Honduran flag is the same size as the United States flag.

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Honduras also flies an alternative flag on their Navy ships, which is the same three stripes but with the Honduran coat of arms standing in the center of the white field. The five stars form an inverted crescent beneath the coat of arms and are smaller in size than when they stand alone. The primary flag is still flown as an ensign on Naval vessels, taking place of pride beside the coat of arms flag.

The coat of arms was adopted in 1825 and slightly changed in 1935. It represents the sovereignty, freedom and independence of the Republic of Honduras and includes many nature elements such as a rainbow, the sun, a volcano and a cornucopia overflowing with bountiful food. These signs were incorporated to celebrate the natural wealth and beauty of Honduras. The coat of arms is also noteworthy because it greatly resembles the previous coat of arms used by Guatemala.