Flag of the Falkland Islands

Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) Flag

Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) Flag

The Falklands are a chain of islands located in the South Atlantic Ocean. This territory was settled by Great Britain in the late sixteenth century, but its rightful ownership has been disputed throughout its history. Argentina has made the most vocal claims to the islands, which are called Las Malvinas in Spanish. The South American nation went so far as to invade the territory on April 2, 1982, which prompted Britain to respond militarily. The armed conflict ended with a British victory that liberated the islands on June 14, 1982.

Since the majority rule of the Falklands has been English, the territory’s flag possesses a distinct British flavor. The current variation of the territorial emblem consists of a solid blue background, with the Union Jack (Great Britain’s flag) in the upper left corner and The Falkland Islands Coat of Arms, positioned towards the center-right of the flag.

This design was adopted January 25, 1999. However, there had been three previous official Falkland Islands flags. The first one was created and established in 1876. Its was patterned with a solid blue background, the Union Jack in the upper left corner and the Falklands Islands Seal situated towards the insignia’s right-center. The seal is a depiction of the British ship, the HMS Hebe, which is said to have been the vessel that brought the first group of English settlers to the Falklands. This rendition of the flag remained until 1925.

The territory’s second official flag was adopted in that same year and featured a solid blue background, the Union Jack positioned in the upper left corner and a symbol of the British ship, The Desire, which famed explorer Thomas Cavendish used to circumnavigate the world and John Davis captained when he is reported to have discovered the island chain.

The final retired flag of the Falkland Islands lasted from 1948 until early 1999. It has a solid blue background with the Union Jack situated in the upper left corner and a circular, white disc that encapsulated The Desire below a ram, which was symbolic of sheep farming, the Falklands major economic staple. During the Falklands War, Argentina removed this emblem and replaced it with the Argentinean flag.

There are two official variants of the current Falkland Islands flag. One consists of a solid red background with the Union Jack in the upper left corner with the Desire and ram encapsulation situated in its center-right. The other is called The Flag of the Governor of the Falkland Islands and is decorated by a Union Jack backdrop with the Falkland Islands Coat of Arms positioned in its exact center.