Flag of Egypt

Egypt Flag

Egypt Flag

Egypt is a famous country with a diverse history. Most people think of Egypt and immediately jump to the pyramids and mummies but Egypt has so much more history to it then that, People fail to realize that Egypt has been a major part of the world since before Christ. The national flag of Egypt has went through many changes over the years but, the great history of Egypt can be seen in their national flag today.

Egypt’s national flag has a significant amount of history in it. The stripes on the flag depict a different time that the people of Egypt had to encounter a struggle.

The red stripe at the top represents the people’s struggle against the British control of their country. The rule of the British began in 1882 once the Egyptian army was defeated in September of that year. Their rule lasted until 1952 when the people of Egypt revolted and removed all British occupants of their country.

The white stripe represents the advent of 1952 Revolution which ended the monarchy without blood being shed. The day the military successfully overthrew the British monarchy that had ruled over them so long, there was a sigh of relief though the country.

The black stripe has the strongest meaning, it represents the end of all oppression that happened at the hands of the British. The black stripes represents the time from the successful overthrow of the British monarchy to present day. It shows them that they are strong and can continue to be strong and independent of any other country.

The symbol in the middle of the flag is the Eagle of Saladin and it represents power and strength. It can be interpreted in many different ways. One way can be it symbolizes the strength and power of the country, or the strength and power of the people, or even the strength and power of the Egyptian mind.

The Egyptian flag is hoisted high on government buildings every Friday, Holiday, or any other time the Minister of Interior Orders says that the flag be hoisted. The people of Egypt have a great love for their country and it is seen in their flag.

The Egypt flag is an everyday reminder of the struggles and adversity that the Egyptian people had to overcome. The flag has a very deep and rich history, and the people of Egypt make sure to appreciate it daily.

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