Flag of the Comoros

Comoros Flag

Comoros Flag

The Union of the Comoros is a nation made up of islands off of the eastern coast of Africa. There are four main islands and several smaller ones. The islands had been French colonies in the nineteenth century, but they gained their independence in 1974. The current flag of the Comoros is a relatively recent flag that was designed in 2001, and it is actually one of the newest flags worldwide.

The flag of the Comoros has a green chevron on the right that contains a white crescent moon and four stars. The rest of the flag consists of four horizontal stripes in medium yellow, white, red, and light blue from top to bottom. The four stripes represent the four main islands of the Union of the Comoros. The yellow stripe stands for Mohéli, the white represents Mayotte, the red is for Anjouan, and the blue represents Grande Comore. The green triangle with the crescent symbol is for the nation of Islam, which is the main religion of the islands, and the stars are both a symbol for Islam and the four islands of the Comoros.

The four islands of the Comoros also have their own individual flags. Anjouan has a red flag with a white crescent and four stars, and Grande Comore has the same design on a blue background. Mohéli has a yellow background with a red star. Mayotte is a somewhat disputed territory, since Comoros claims it but the French still rule it, so its flag is technically still the flag of France. However, Mayotte does have its own unofficial flag that consists of the Mayotte coat of arms on a white background.

The Comoros has undergone many revolutions since it gained its independence, and the flag of the Comoros has changed each time. Most of the flags of the Comoros have been green, with the white crescent moon and four white stars displayed in various positions. Under the Ali Soilih regime, the flag briefly contained a red stripe.

After going through many different flags, the Comoros officially adopted their current flag design on January 7, 2002. The flag was created after the leader of the Comoros and the leader of a group from Anjouan attempting to secede signed a peace treaty. To symbolize the new unity of the four islands, the current Comoros flag that includes the colors of all of the islands was designed.