Flag of Colombia

Colombia Flag

Colombia Flag

The flag that represents the country of Columbia was adopted in November of 1861. This makes it one of the oldest flags in the world. The flag is horizontal and has three colors, red, blue and yellow. The yellow stripes are located on the top portion of the flag. The Red and blue colors each occupy a quarter of the flag’s area. The Colombia flag is often used for commercial purposes at soccer games. There are some companies that sponsor the Colombian soccer team. They often give away Colombian flags to the team’s fans at the soccer stadium.

The person who is credited with creating the Colombian flag is Francisco de Miranda. According to letters written by Miranda in 1792, he was inspired by A German philosopher and writer named Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Miranda spoke with Goethe at a party in 1785. Goethe explained how a person’s eyes transformed light into three primary colors. Miranda was told yellow is the most warm and noble color. Blue creates a feeling of serenity as well as excitement. Red provides a feeling of exaltation. A short time after that conversation Miranda designed and presented his idea for the Colombian national flag.

There are two common theories concerning the intended meaning behind the colors and design of the Colombian flag. One theory states the yellow represents justice and sovereignty. The blue represents vigilance, nobility, and loyalty. The red represents honor, valor and victory despite bloodshed. The second theory believes the yellow is a symbol for universal liberty; the blue symbolizes equality for people of all social classes and races in the eyes of God. The red is a symbol of fraternity. There is a popular song children in Colombia sing about their flag. They say the yellow is their gold, the blue is their vast sea, and the read is the blood that was given for their freedom.

Some major changes occurred to the Colombian flag in 1834. The stripes were changed to vertical from horizontal. A white star with eight points was placed in the center. Eventually, a coats of arms was placed on the flag for official purposes. These changes were removed in 1861. This is when the Colombian government went back to the plain yellow, red, blue horizontal with no symbols. When this was done, the size of the yellow stripes was increased to twice the size of the other stripes.

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