Flag of the People's Republic of China

China Flag

China Flag

The national flag of China has a beautiful history that is depicted in every aspect of the flag. The national flag was recently adopted in the late 1940’s. Every aspect of Chinese culture is shown in the national flag even the importance of education.

The red on the China flag is the traditional color of the Chinese people, and it also symbolises the Communist Revolution. The large star on the flag represents the communist government that is in place in China. Red is the traditional ethnic colour of the Han, who form the overwhelming majority in the country. Under the Qing dynasty, which ruled from 1644 until 1912, most of the flags of China were yellow, the Manchu ethnic color. The four smaller stars represent the social classes of the Chinese people,the proletariat, the peasants, the petty bourgeoisie, and the “patriotic capitalists.”. But equally important is the power of the number five in Chinese culture and that is stressed through the fact that there are five total stars on the flag.

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China’s first national flag was yellow and had a blue dragon on the front. This flag was introduced to the Chinese society by the Qing dynasty which started its reign in the mid 1600’s. The first national flag remained the national flag for more than two hundred years. After the yellow flag of the Qing dynasty, there was a five colored flag. It consisted of the colors red, yellow, blue, white, and black. The five colored flag only reigned for a short amount of time, a little less than two decades. The next flag of China was introduced in the late 1920’s. It consisted of a white sun, a blue sky, and a red earth. The current national flag of China was introduced in 1949. Soon after the Communist party came to power, the celebration of the flag began when the flag was flown in Beijing on October 1, 1949.

In conclusion, China is a communist nation and the red flag represents the communist revolution. The small gold stars on the Chinese flag represent the social hierarchy of the people, while the large gold star is the symbol for communism.