Flag of Chad

Chad Flag

Chad Flag

The flag of the Republic of Chad consists of three equal vertical bands. From left to right the bands are dark blue, gold and red. The flag has the same construction as the flag of Mali, except Mali has green as its left band. The Chad flag is also almost exactly the same as Romania, except the blue in Romania’s flag is usually depicted in a slightly lighter shade. It is also virtually the same as the Flag of Andorra, although that flag includes a coat of arms in the center.

The official symbolism for the flag of Chad is that blue stands for the water, the sky and hope. The red represents blood and sacrifice as well as progress and unity. The yellow represents the sun and the desert. The official flag was adopted on June 11, 1959. Despite a long list of political upheavals within Chad since that date, the official flag has never been changed since independence. This is likely due to the flag not being associated with any particular party or power in Chad. It has very little connection to a national identity and instead has only general symbolism.

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Chad also has an official coat of arms that was adopted in 1970. In the center is a shield banded with blue and gold wavy lines. The shield is being held by a golden goat on the left and a golden lion on the right. The goat and lion each have a red arrow pointing up drawn in the middle of their bodies. The goat has horns and the lion’s mouth is open in a roar. The lion faces the goat, but the goat faces the viewer. A red rising sun comes up from behind the shield. Below the shield is an iron cross medal and below that a red-limned gold banner with the motto in French of Unité, Travail, Progrès. In English this means Unity, Work, Progress.

The shield represents Lake Chad with wavy blue lines symbolizing the water. The rising sun is indicative of a new beginning, while the goat and lion represent the northern and southern parts of Chad respectively. The iron cross medal represents the National Order of Chad.