Flag of the Central African Republic

Central African Republic Flag

Central African Republic Flag

The Central African Republic national flag was adopted for the first time on December 1, 1958. It’s design was done by the first president of a province known as Oubangui-Chari, Barthelemy Boganda. He was of the belief that the French and Africa ought to march together and this greatly influenced his choice of the flag’s colors. He combined the French tricolor (i.e. blue, white and red) together with other colors namely; green, yellow and red which are also referred to as the Pan-African colors. This flag bears horizontal stripes that are four in number and equal. There is one stripe, red in color,that runs down the middle of this flag. The stripe at the top is blue in color followed by the white, green and finally the yellow stripes in that order.

When the Central African Empire was in existence from the year 1976 to the year 1979, there was an imperial standard that had been designed for the personal use of Emperor Bokassa I. This standard had a light green background, had an eagle that was gold-colored at the centre of the standard that had been superimposed over a gold star that was 20-pointed. The eagle was inspired by the Napoleon I’s imperial standard. Central African Republic became an autonomous republic on 1st December 1958 and under its first prime minister, Barthelemy Boganda, who was very dynamic got its national flag. Boganda himself designed the national flag by borrowing heavily the colors of the national flag of France and some Pan-African colors as listed above.

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When the country attained its full independence back on August 13, 1960 no changes were made to the national flag. The same remained unchanged even when military leader Jean-Bedel Bokassa took power by seizing the imperial mantle by declaring the Central African Empire. Boganda based the design of the flag on the symbol of Africa and France marching together and to this effect borrowed the French tricolor and the traditional colors used across Africa.

According to the official description of the national flag of the Central African Republic, the red color on the flag symbolizes people’s blood that was shed during the struggle for independence. It is also construed to symbolize the blood that they would spill in order to protect their nation. The blue color is meant to represent freedom and the sky. Color white represents dignity and peace whereas green represents faith and hope. The yellow color symbolizes tolerance and hospitality. The star on the flag is meant to act as a guide to the people of Central African Republic towards emancipation and freedom.