flag of Cameroon

Cameroon Flag

Cameroon Flag

The Republic of Cameroon is a beautifully diverse country in Central Africa. Its current flag was created on May 20, 1975, when the different parts of Cameroon all united into a single country. The Cameroon flag has a rich and fascinating history that shows the transition of the country from European colonies to an independent and united nation.

The Cameroon flag consists of three vertical stripes of equal width that are green, red, and yellow, and in the center of the flag is a yellow, five pointed star. The green stripe on the left is a symbol for hope in the future and the verdant forests of southern Cameroon. The yellow stripe on the right of the flag stands for the savannas in northern Cameroon and the sun. The red stripe in the center is a symbol of unity, national sovereignty and independence. The yellow of the star symbolizes the sun that is Cameroon’s source of happiness, and it is also called “the star of unity” because it represents the unity of the nation.

The colors on the Cameroon flag are also known as the traditional Pan-African colors, and they are a homage to the Ethiopian flag. Since Ethiopia is the only African nation to never be colonized, many other African countries adopted Ethiopia’s colors when they were finally free. Cameroon was actually the first country after Ethiopia to use this signature blend of colors, and many other African flags also contain the Pan-African colors now.

The current Cameroon flag is very similar to the flag it adopted when it was first free from European colonization. The original flag just contained the green, red, and yellow tricolor, and it was adopted when French Cameroon became independent. When British Cameroon joined with the new State of Cameroon in 1961, two stars were placed on the green stripe to represent the two different states of Cameroon. After all the different parts of Cameroon were finally united under a single rule, they changed the flag to its current incarnation. The single star in the center is a proud representation of the unity that Cameroon fought hard to achieve.