Argentina Flag

Argentina Flag

Argentina’s national flag is divided into three equal bands going horizontally. The top one is a sky blue color, the middle band is white and the bottom is sky blue also. The white band has a bright yellow sun with a human face centered in the middle of the white band. It is called the Sun of May. The sun is symbolic of the sun appearing through cloudy skies on May 25, 1810 when the first mass demonstration for independence occurred. The features depicted on the sun represent those of the Inca god of the sun, Inti. The blue and white bands commemorate the beautiful clear skies and the snow covering the Andes Mountains.

However, there seems to be some controversy about the symbols of the colors of the Argentina flag. Some believe that the blue bands represent the sky, or the Rio de la Plata, or possibly are connected with the blue used in the coat of arms of the Spanish royal house of Bourbon. Another view is that the white of the flag is a symbol of silver. The early Spanish conquistadors named the country Argentina from the Latin word Argentinum, which means silver. They thought there was a lot of silver metal in this area.

The dimensions of the flag are 1.4 by 0.9 meters. The Argentina flag is actually twice as wide as its height. It was designed by Manuel Belgrano, the leader of the Argentina revolution against Spain, and was first displayed on February 27, 1812 in the city of Rosario at the time of the Argentine War of Independence. In 1818 the Sun of May was placed in the flag’s center. The ancient symbol of the Incan god of the Sun, Inti, has 16 straight and 16 wavy sunbeams, and the human face is inside a gold disc. The people of Argentina celebrate “Flag Day” as a national holiday on June 20th. On that day they commemorate the death of Manuel Belgrano on June 20, 1820.

Belgrano, designer of the flag, is also known for leading the freedom fighting for independence. Celebrations on Flag Day are famous especially in Rosario, where the flag was first raised. Members of the armed forces, war veterans and others walk in the parade to honor the flag and the hard fight for independence of Argentina. Another feature of the day is the display of the longest flag in the world.

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