Algeria Flag

Algeria Flag

The flag of Algeria is consists of two vertical strips, one white and one green, and in the middle, a red crescent and star. Both the green stripe and the crescent and star represent Islam, with has a long history in what is now modern day Algeria. The crescent and star are colored red to symbolize the blood spilled in the Algerian war for independence, and the white stripe symbolizes peace. The flag was created when Algeria won its war for independence from France in 1962 and has not changed since. Its design is inspired by two separate political and religious entities, the Ottoman Empire, which had long held influence in the region, and a nineteenth century Islamic leader named Emir Abdelkader.

The equal green and white stripes that form the flag’s base are inspired by the flag of the military and religious leader, Emir Abdelkader, who commanded the Algerian revolt against French invasion in the mid-nineteenth century. Abdelkader El Djezairi was a very successful leader who managed to organize various tribes and negotiate peace with occupying French forces. When tensions between Abdelkader’s people and the French eventually rose, the resistance was able to successfully defeat the French and later secure another treaty giving Abdelkader even more territory than he previously had.

The crescent and star at the center of the flag are inspired by the same symbols used by the Ottoman Empire and by modern day Turkey. The Ottoman Empire was once a vast kingdom that ruled much of the lands between Europe and Asia from the late thirteenth to mid-twentieth centuries. Part of its territory included most of north Africa, including modern day Algeria. The end of the Ottoman Empire came at the end of World War I when Turkey emerged as the new state of the kingdom.

The colors of the Algerian Flag are very specific. Its green must be composed of equal parts yellow and blue, giving a final wavelength of 5.411. The red on the other hand, must be void of blue or yellow and have a wavelength of 6.562. The same flag is used by the Algerian navy but with a crossing set of white anchors in the upper left corner.

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